Sheep Improvement

Sheep Improvement Scheme (SIS)

Setup to provide financial support to farmers willing to take extra steps to improve the welfare of their flock.


€12 per breeding ewe for completing flock welfare measures. 

  • Welfare measures include:
    • lameness control
    • Mineral Supplementation to ewes post mating
    • Meal feeding to lambs post weaning
    • parasite control (Faecal Egg Count)
    • Scanning
    • Flystrike control
    • Minerals to lambs pre weaning
    • Genotyped dam action (Mandatory)

    You must complete two welfare measures to qualify for payment. You must also complete the genotyped dam action at least once in the first three years of the scheme. If you have more than 150 ewes you will have to complete this twice.

    You must also maintain necessary records and comply with the terms & conditions of the scheme.

    Actions made selectable to lowland farmers will differ from those made selectable to hill farmers.

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