Commissioner of Oaths

We have obtained the Commissioner of Oaths Title which authorises us to verify legal documents such as affidavits

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A commissioner for oaths is a person who is authorised to verify legal documents such as affidavits which are statements in writing made on oath. Other legal documents can also be verified by a commissoner for Oaths.

Function of Commissioner For Oaths

A commissioner for Oaths must:

  • ensure that evidence in question is in written form (a draft affidavit).
  • establish that the person before him/her has read the draft affidavit and fully understands its contents.
  • require the person making the affidavit to swear that the affidavit is true.
  • to verify that the affidavit was properly sworn by completing a "jurat" on the affidavit.

Circumstances Where Commissioner for Oaths is Required

  • Where you are giving evidence on affidavit for court proceedings in Ireland.
  • If you are making an affirmation, declaration, acknowledgement, examination or attestation for the purposes of court proceedings or for the purposes of registration of documents.

If you require our services

If you require our services with a case you may be dealing with currently or in the future, we would be happy to assist. Please contact our office on 074 9130772 for more information.

Commissioner of Oaths