New Sheep Welfare Scheme (SIS)

The Department of Agriculture has recently announced a new Sheep Improvement Scheme (SIS). The aim of this scheme is to carry on from and build on the Sheep Welfare Scheme that has now come to an end.

The Sheep Improvement Scheme will provide support to sheep farmers for carrying out actions that improve animal health and welfare. The payment per eligible ewe has increased from €10 to €12.

All sheep farmers with breeding ewes can apply to participate in the scheme. There will be a provision for new entrants to sheep farming to apply to join the scheme annually.

The actions and options under the scheme are similar to those of the Sheep Welfare scheme. Applicants must choose one action from Category A and one action from Category B.

All applicants will also be required to carry out the Genotyped Ram action at least once during the lifetime of the scheme.

Actions and Options under the SIS.

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