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GLAS Scheme

on Wednesday, 25 March 2015. Posted in Schemes

GLAS is the new agri-environment scheme which is part of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

It is expected that successful participants will receive a commencement date for GLAS 1 of 1st September 2015 and all dates for completion of actions as set out on page 7 are predicated on this date

  1. All actions (excluding bat, bird and bee boxes) must be selected on LPIS parcels with a utilisable agricultural area (UAA). The only exception is for Commonage which will be paid on the GLAS Commonage Area.
  2. All area based actions are paid on the net eligible area.
  3. All actions must be delivered on leased or owned lands.
  4. Advisors / farmers must ensure that the area, feature and/or linear units entered for payment in GLAS are suitable for the action to be carried out.
  5. Arable parcel actions must be delivered on parcels declared as ‘arable’ on the current SPS/BPS application.
  6. If you intend to split a LPIS parcel by digitisation, a fence must be in place by the commencement date of the GLAS contract.
  7. Works on capital investment items must not commence until notification of commencement of the GLAS contract has been issued.
  8. Land drainage or reclamation work is not allowed on parcels selected for area based actions. However if existing drains become blocked they may be repaired with as minimum disturbance as possible to the LPIS parcel.
  9. Catch Crops sown for the purpose of fulfilling greening equivalence criteria under Pillar I of CAP are eligible for payment.
  10. The burning of stubble is not permitted on LPIS parcels chosen for tillage based actions.
  11. For a fence to be considered stock proof and fit for purpose, it must consist of permanent stakes and wire appropriate for the livestock type.
  12. Receipts for work carried out must be retained for duration of the contract and for three months after the end of the contract.
  13. Records must be maintained annually for the duration of the contract and for three months after the end of the GLAS contract.
  14. Where LPIS parcels of Low Input Permanent Pasture and Traditional Hay Meadow are situated within designated Natura 2000 site, farmers can choose to forgo the Natura payment and receive the LIPP or THM payment under GLAS once the parcel(s) comply with the Low Input Permanent Pasture and/or Traditional Hay Meadow specification.
  1. Entrants in the Organic Farm Scheme should refer to appendix 2 for eligible GLAS actions.
  2. Phosphorus is allowed up to the soil test limits
  3. Where more than 1 margin type is taken on the same LPIS parcel, they cannot overlap on each other.
  4. Other than the protection of monuments action, no other GLAS actions can be delivered on the site of a National Monument.
  5. GLAS participants should comply with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use Code (CRRU) in their daily farming activities - see Appendix 7.
  6. Where farmers have designated lands, they must ensure they comply with the Activities Requiring Consent – see appendix 14.
  7. Lakes are not eligible watercourses for the Protection of Watercourses from Bovines action and for the Riparian Margin action.

 For the following Conservation of Bird Actions (Twite A, Chough, Corncrake, Hen Harrier and Breeding Waders), if the GLAS participant has more lands than are required to receive the maximum payment rate in GLAS of €7,000, his/her GLAS advisor can complete a Form 1A on the GLAS online system for these parcels, allowing the participant to dispense with the fertiliser restrictions in the GLAS specification for the action(s) concerned.

More details of the scheme can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Food and

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