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This article appeared in the Finn Valley Voice and the Tirconaill Tribune on the 25th of September 2012. AEOS  2 The department of Agriculture are currently carrying out inpsection on 5% of all AEOS applications that were submitted In 2011 scheme year. There are certain areas were farmers are falling short in the inspection. We will highlight some of these areas and if you are in this situation then it would be advisable to carry out the necessary remedial works as soon as possible before you would receive an inspection. There are no warnings for these inspections and the inspector will ring you when he is on route to your farm.   HEDGEROW
  1. There must be 6 plants per metre in two rows of 3 plants per row.
  2. The hedge must be fenced of from all stock to S148 standard
  3. Any plants that have died or failed must be re-planted at the appropriate time.
  1. Trees must be planted 6 metres apart
  2. All trees must be protected from all stock and all fencing must be up to S148 standard.
  3. It is essential to control growth of grass and weeds around the young trees until the trees establish.
  4. Any plants that have died or failed must be re-planted at the appropriate time.
  Water Troughs
  1. All watercourses must be fenced off to S148
  2. Must be a cattle enterprise on the farm
  3. Cattle must not have access to any watercourse
  4. There must be at least one trough per field
  5. Water troughs must be located at least 5 m from the watercourses
  Species Rich Grassland
  1. 'Fertiliser may be applied up to a maximum application rate of 30kg per hectare.
  2. Traditional grazing practices must be maintained
  3. Grasslands may not be topped until after the 15th of July
  4. The use of herbicide is not permitted. Spot treatment of herbicide is allowed.
  Traditional Hay Meadow
  1. The annual nitrogen application is restricted to 30kgs/ha
  2. Follow traditional grazing practices. These parcels may not be grazed from 1st April until after the hay is cut each year.
  3. Meadows for conservation may not be cut until after 15th July
  4. The Hay Meadow needs to be fenced off from all livestock.
  Wild Bird Cover
  1. You must sow a one year or a two year mix
  2. You must sow a minimum of 0.5 hectares
  3. Seed must be spring sown  not later than May 31st
  4. Drilling is the preffered method of sowing
  5. The area needs to be fenced of from all livestock
  If you have any queries on any of the above please contact our office immediately.   Fertiliser, Slurry, FYM, Spreading of chemical fertiliser and livestock manures has been extended to Sunday 30 September 2012 and Wednesday 31 October 2012 respectively. The deadline for FYM is still the 1st of November.   Mark Mc Connell Consultancy and Auctioneers ltd, The Glebe, Stranorlar, Lifford, Co. Donegal T/F 074 91 30772    

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