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  As part of government cuts in spending in Agriculture in the last budget it was decided to increase the stocking requirements for 2011 in a bid to save 30 million in spending. At this stage some 8,000 farmers have received a letter in the post stating that according to the departments records that they hadn’t  insufficent stock to satisfy this new requirement.   The requirement was increased from the standard 0.15 livestock units per ha up to 0.3 livestock units per ha.  This was done in a bid to knock as many farmers out of the scheme as physically possible. There is an appeal process in place were a farmer can apply for a derogation if he or she feels that they have a special case which prevented them from keeping this level of stock. The form that was sent out to the farmers has to be filled out and a copy of an AEOS,REPS plan etc has to be sent with the letter if relevant. If the land is marginal in nature or SAC or NHA a small report should be written up to state the type of land and the marginal nature of it to help the farmers case. The deadline for submission of these forms Is no later than the 24th of August 2012. These letters have to be sent to the Disadvantage Areas Scheme Section in portlaoise and it would be advisable to register post all correspondance to this section.   There are six different categories to appeal under

  1. Farmers in REPS, AEOS, Commonage framework plan, NPWS
  2. Marginal lands contained in Blanket bog, moorland,land above 400 feet, Natura 2000, Mountain type grazing and offshore islands
  3. A farmer who took over a farm immediatley before or during 2011 were the previous owner died
  4. Livestock affected by an epizootic disease
  5. New entrants
  6. A farmer was incapacitated by ilness and/or hospitalisation

  If you have received one of these letters talk to your agricultural advisor immediatley about doing up an appeal as it is worth sending in one and as there is only two weeks to get your appeal in.   HEALTH AND SAFETY FARM WALK   There is a health and safety farm walk being run on Wednesday the 15th of August on the farm of John Speer, Cashelshanaghan, Letterkenny, at 1 pm. This even is free to attend and it is being run in conjunction with the HSA, DLDC, and the ACA. I f you wish to attend this farm walk please contact our office to put your name down.   Mark Mc Connell Consultancy Ltd, The Glebe, Stranorlar, Lifford, Co. Donegal  T/F 074 91 30772  

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