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on Friday, 06 October 2017. Posted in Blog, Schemes, Sheep

Lameness Control

Under this option scheme participants must carry out a minimum of five lameness examinations per year, and complete the relevant section for Lameness Control in the Scheme Action Record Book.

Scheme participants must then treat all identified incidences having firstly identified the cause(s) of lameness to prevent animals becoming sick/injured as a result of lameness.

The following are the times that assessments shall be carried out:

  • At least once between mating and lambing

  • May/June

  • July/Aug

  • Prior to Mating ( Aug-Sept/Oct)

  • And at one other time which the flock owner may choose depending on the requirements of the flock

Mineral Feed stuffs Supplementation (Ewes)

Under this action scheme participants must supplement all ewes (including hoggets out to the ram) with mineral feed stuffs post mating.

Ewes must be supplemented with suitable minerals feed stuffs for 60 days post mating.

Supplementation may take the form of bagged mineral feed stuffs (dry minerals), mineral blocks, drenches and liquid minerals, injectable or boluses.

Where compound feed stuffs are being fed at this time, a mineral feed stuff may be included in the ration by the feed mill at the time of manufacture. Otherwise, dry mineral feed stuffs (bagged minerals) may be dusted on the silage or fed with feed materials (‘straights’).

Where boluses are used these can be administered seven to 10 days pre-mating to allow for rumen breakdown of the bolus.

Receipts and invoices of all mineral feed stuff and/or compound rations containing the mineral feed stuffs purchased must be retained and made available for inspection and/or administrative check.

All mineral feed stuffs must be sourced from feed business operators licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine. Mineral feed stuffs must be administered in accordance with the appropriate instructions.

Parasite Control (Faecal Egg Count)

Under this action scheme participants with lowland flocks must carry out a minimum of two Faecal Egg Counts per annum on lambs to establish the worm burden in order to make an informed decision in relation to a dosing regime which will ensure treatment of internal parasites is carried out on a targeted basis.

Under this action participants with hill flocks must carry out one Faecal Egg Count on lambs for the presence of worms within four weeks post-weaning.

Further details on carrying out a Faecal Egg Count are available on the Department’s website.

Management of pregnant ewes (Scanning)

Ewes must be scanned approximately between 70 and 100 days post ram turnout. Scanning results must be recorded and the receipt and copy of scanning results from the scanner must be retained and made available for inspection or Administrative Control check.

Ewes are to be grouped and managed post scanning in accordance with litter size. Records of scanning results and treatments of ewes must be recorded in the scheme Action Record book and retained for inspection / administrative check.

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