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Severe Rainfall causing problems

on Tuesday, 15 December 2015. Posted in Blog, Property, Tillage, Sheep, Dairy, Beef

This past month has seen some of the worst flooding in recent times with farmland throughout the Finn valley being affected.

There is going to be long term effects of this on the flooded farmland with the weight of the water causing severe compaction on some fields but his will not be known until stock starts returning to grass next spring. There are more immediate problems for farmers that need to be addressed. Any farmer who is out wintering cattle or sheep this year who has land susceptible to flooding needs to keep a close eye on the rainfall forecast. The flood levels are higher this year than has been seen in years so don’t take any chances and move animals as far away from the river as possible, there is no excuse to have stock in a field that could flood there has been plenty of warnings and red alerts giving for rainfall. Keep them on high ground.

The department have announced exceptions to the animal movement rules for farmers affected by flooding. They state in general if your whole farm is affected by flooding and you are unable to move cattle to higher ground on your holding then take the following steps  

  • Get a compliance cert before movement from your local DVO or print yourself. If this isn’t possible move the animals and then notify the department.
  • The rules for herds down with TB are the same but it is vitally important to contact the department as soon as possible on these herds.
  • If slurry tanks are flooded then water can be taking out and spread on the driest part of the farm. The pipe should be put at the top of the tank so as little solids as possible are taking out.
  • If the flooding of the tank comes above the level of the centre feed passage then the cattle need to be moved to another shed/higher ground.

In general what the department are saying is that the rules to animal movements and slurry spreading still apply but exceptions can be made where the welfare of the animals are in jeopardy.

I would ask all farmers in flooded regions to remember farm safety and to not enter floods on your own or without at least telling someone ware you are going. 

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