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Pesticide Application course

on Tuesday, 06 March 2018. Posted in Blog, Courses, Tillage, Sheep, Dairy, Beef

The Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) has been introduced to Ireland within the past year. This directive will affect all users of Pesticides (Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc.). One of SUD’s main aims is to reduce the risk or danger of pesticide use on the environment and consequently on human health. SUD is strongly encouraging the use of Integrated pest management (IPM). SUD will only affect professional users or distributors of pesticides. The four main areas the SUD was categorised is as follows:

A. Professional users A professional user is anyone who uses Pesticides in a professional setting. These users may include farmers, landscapers, technicians, self-employed individuals, green keepers etc. B. Distributors A distributor of pesticide is any retail store who sells pesticide to the above professional users. C. Advisors

Advisors advise professional users on pest management and the safe use of pesticides D. Inspectors

All sprayers over 3 metres in Boom length will have to be tested by November 26 2016. This testing will be completed by independent testers.

In order to become compliant you must undergo training in pesticide application. There is now an online facility on the DAFM website where professional users and Distributors of pesticides can register their details to become compliant with SUD.

This training has been designed to help enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to apply crop pesticides using a boom sprayer in accordance's with legislations and recommended safety practices. The duration of the course is 3 days and participants will be awarded FETAC 5 certificate in plant identification and use. The training consists of 60% Skills Demonstration and 40% Examination.

The training programme will cover the following:

    • Describe how infestations of pests affect crop growth and reduce quality and the range of pest control methods available
    • Explain the terminology used to categorise pesticides
    • Summarise laws and regulations
    • Explain the principles of application technology necessary for the proper application of pesticides
    • Interpret pesticide label information, make up a pesticide spray mix in accordance with good practice, apply a pesticide mix with a boom sprayer, store a boom sprayer and personal protective equipment
    • Prepare boom sprayer for work, including calibration

We are currently taking names of farmers who wish to carry out the course for the Boom Sprayer.

Most common non-compliances found during cross compliance 

SMR 10 – Plant Protection Products (Pesticides)

The aim of this requirement is to ensure that where pesticides are used, this use is necessary, and that they are used in a manner that minimises risk to the user, the environment and the food chain.

  • 36% of the non-compliances detected related to product registration breaches.

  • 16% of non-compliances were for the failure to display a warning sign on a chemical store.

  • 13% of non-compliances related to storage facilities breaches.

  • 9% of non-compliances were for the failure to maintain adequate records.

  • 7% of non-compliances were for the failure to have facilities to clean-up spillages e.g. sand/peat.

  • 5% of non-compliances related to the calibration of application equipment.

  • The remaining 14% of non-compliances were for a range of other issues.

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