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New Entrants To The Sheep Welfare Scheme

on Wednesday, 24 January 2018. Posted in Blog, Schemes, Sheep

There is provision for new entrants into the scheme.

For the purposes of the scheme, a new entrant to this scheme is defined as an

applicant who has applied for a new herd number from 1st January 2017

 and prior to the 31st of December 2017, or an applicant with an existing herd number who has not

held or traded in sheep for a two year period up to 31st October preceding the scheme year.

In any subsequent scheme years the new applicant must apply for a new herd number prior to 31st December of the preceding year.

An application for the Sheep Welfare Scheme is made by completing the relevant application form and returning it, using the pre-addressed envelope supplied, to the

address provided before the specified closing date of 2nd February 2018. New entrants should contact the Sheep Welfare Section of the Department to request the application form.

The Department will supply partially pre-filled forms to applicants. These application forms will be suitable for the designated flock type (Lowland or Hill) of the potential applicant. It will be necessary for the applicant to check all information supplied and

to amend same if it is found to be inaccurate or incorrect. Only the partially pre-filled application forms issued by the Department will be accepted in the application process. Depending on the sheep farming practice on the holding, the applicant should

complete the application form advising of the two actions they choose, making sure they have chosen one from Category A and one from Category B in their Flock Type (Lowland or Hill) by ticking the appropriate boxes beside each action.

Applicants registered under Farm Partnership Registration are required to submit one application for the Sheep Welfare Scheme 2018 using the Farm Partnership Number.

Applicants will be bound by the reference number for eligible ewes applicable to their holding.

The Partnership should submit a single Declaration of Scheme Compliance to cover the whole partnership and, subject to compliance, a single payment will issue to the partnership as appropriate.


From this year on from the 15th of June any farmer in Derogation will have to adhere to the following changes

  • 50% of slurry must be spread by the 15th of June this year

  • Any slurry spread after this date must be spread using the low emission slurry spreading

  • By 2021 all farmers farming above 170kgN/HA must fence all watercourses permantely from cattle and place any water troughs back 20 m from the watercourse.

  • Watercourses must be fenced back 1.5 m with a permanent fence

  • From the 1st of January this year a soil sample must be taken for every 5 ha of land and every 4 years

  • Need to have sufficient storage on farm for 20 weeks

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