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on Monday, 22 October 2018. Posted in Blog, Schemes, Tillage, Sheep, Dairy, Beef

Agri-environment programmes

The allocation for GLAS 2019 is €203m. This will also include some residual cases of farmers who are

still in AEOS. The Organics scheme was allocated €11m with additional €1.2m for the development of

the Organics sector.

It is estimated that €15m was allocated to locally led schemes, which include Burren,

Hen Harrier, Pearl Mussel and other schemes. Overall, environmental schemes represented an increase

of around €5.2m.

2.2.2. Suckler Scheme: Beef Environmental Efficiency (BEEPS)

An allocation of €20m of funding was granted to the Sucker sector under the new BEEPS scheme. This

is based on €40 targeted payment with a focus on improving environmental efficiencies in the sector.

This is separate to the existing Beef Data Genomics Scheme. The scheme will involve the weighing of

cows and calves.

2.2.3. Beef Data and Genomics (BDGP)

Under the existing BDGP scheme, in which approximately 24,000 farmers participate, funding of €44m

was allocated.

2.4. Sheep Welfare Scheme

There was a €1m cut to the Sheep Welfare scheme budget with an allocation of €19m for 2019.

2.2.5. Areas of Natural Constraint (formerly Disadvantaged Areas)

There is an increased allocation of €23m for the ANC areas to reverse the cuts made in 2009, bringing

the total allocation to €250m. This is estimated to benefit 96,000 farmers. Details of distribution under the

scheme will be finalised in advance of the 2019 scheme. However, in the meantime, the review of ANCs

will commence of the latter part of 2018 for implementation in 2019. This could result in some changes

to areas and the payment rates.

2.2.6. Forestry

€103.5m has been allocated to the forestry budget for existing forestry premiums, as well as supporting

an additional 8,000 ha of new planting and the construction of 125km of forest roads.

2.2.7. Farm investment grants – TAMS

There is no change to the budget allocation for the TAMS scheme, with €70m allocated for on-farm capital

investment in 2019. The allocation for next year is the same as 2018, but there is likely to be an

underspend of €10m this year. The utilisation of TAMs funds is of course dependent upon farmers

completing work. With two years of the Rural Development Programme to go, it is most likely that the

total allocation in the 7-year period of €395m will be significantly underspent. IFA will be arguing for

changes to the scheme, so that all funds are utilised.

2.2.8. Horticulture

The allocation of €6m funding for Investment Aid in the horticulture sector is to meet reinvestment needs,

heightened by storm damage and industry restructuring.

2.9. Food, safety, animal and plant health and animal welfare

Total funding allocated amounted to €246m, €242.6m current and €3.4m capital expenditure this is an

increase of 9% on last year. Within this a €34m allocation for TB and Brucellosis eradication and €4.2m

for animal welfare is estimated for 2019.

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