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On the 17th November past, our Sheep Discussion Group met on the farm of Pat Reid, Legland, Drumkeen.Pat keeps 120 ewes on 50 acres, meal is fed to ewes after lambing and the dosing programme consists of routine fluke dosing of ewes and worm treatment of lambs during the year. The group reviewed the previous meeting when George Graham was the guest speaker at David Tourish’s farm.  Dominic McGlynn from Elite Tags was the guest speaker at the meeting; he and the group discussed the electronic tagging requirements (EID).  Also discussed were the new sheep movement rules and regulations whereby the local DVO (Raphoe) must be notified of any movements of sheep temporary or otherwise.  For example, a sheep farmer moving ewes to temporary grazing for the winter months must send in a form to Raphoe.  Depending on the destination of the sheep, there are a number of scenarios:
  • If going to a tillage farm where there are no livestock, no dispatch documents are needed and Raphoe need not be notified.
  • If going to a mixed farm where there are livestock then Raphoe must be notified, as there is no change of ownership of the sheep then the owner of the sheep is responsible for notifying Raphoe.  Complete a dispatch document and send the pink copy to Raphoe, when the sheep come back, send in the white copy and mark “return from temporary grazing”.
  • If moving to a fragment/parcel of a livestock holding where none of the livestock are ever actually kept then sheep can be temporarily moved without any contact with Raphoe and there is no need for dispatch dockets either.
  • If the sheep are to go direct from the temporary grazing to the factory or mart without going back to their original holding then the normal National Sheep Identification System (NSIS) requirements apply.  Complete a new dispatch document to go along with the sheep and record the movement in the flock register.  It is not necessary to notify Raphoe as the mart or meat plant will do it anyway.
All sheep must be tagged according to NSIS requirements by nine months of age or on leaving the holding, whichever comes first.  Accordingly, all sheep moving to a temporary holding must be fully tagged before being moved off the holding regardless of the destination.  Records of temporary movements notified to Raphoe need to be kept in the flock owners’ records for at least three years. To view photos of the meeting, click on the  link below:

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